WARNING: The wrong hires will cost you a fortune
Quick Start Recruitment
Now you can have confidence you are going to choose the right applicant, train them and get them up and running faster.
We supply you with an 8 step process that you (Manager) or your Office Manager can implement step by step all the way, from deciding you need a new Sales Consultant to them getting their first listing.  
   You are going to choose the right person for the job, so you don’t waste your time, energy and money on sitting  ducks.
    You or your RA ( Recruitment Administrator) follow this process word for word and video by video as we supply it to you, so it doesn’t sap your valuable time and you can keep listing and selling.
Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
~ Cathy Loftus
"Using the QSR process has allowed us to employ people who want to invest in their future, it is an easy and simple process. We would not look to take on a new person without following the QSR process and knowing the person is a right fit for our office. "
what YOU GET...
  •  Adverts that work, that get people to apply.
  •  We give you a strategy for running a mass interview (saves a huge amount of time and starts the deselection process).
  •  We deliver step by step, 8 total components with video instructions and everything you need from start to finish.
  •  There is a free online Calculator to see how many sales people you need.  
  •  We can give you 12 ways to interview over and above your office interview. So you don’t hire the wrong people.
  •  We supply you with hoops to get them to jump through,  at the time of the interview event.
  •  A Caliper profile is part of the process. (please note there is a charge for this generally it is paid by the applicant.)
  •  Business plans and much much more.
  •  Overall this unique system is a de selection process so you don’t take on morons.
  • 8 Hours desk support to answer all your questions.
  •  You receive online examples of workbooks, training manuals, business plans and the answers to exam questions so you can see how your applicant is progressing.  
  •  Once you have made the right choice, combine this with our Quick Start online training programme, you will reverse the 80% - 20% failure rate the industry currently experiences.     http://petergilchrist.com.au/quickstart


  •  No sign up Fee and we are waiving the placement fee of $1500+gst. 
  •  To introduce you to Caliper which is a psychological profiling tool that measures their default characteristics using 22 personality traits to determine their suitability to the role of a sales consultant. We will give you a Free Caliper (that you will be blown away by) to use on an existing Sales person or better still yourself.
  •  Free Ebook - Raising the Bar, It’s about attracting existing agents and training new ones.
  •  Free Business Plan & Prospecting Plan, for you to use elsewhere in your business.

Here is where we would normally give you a guarantee, but because we’re giving you the service and extra’s there is no guarantee needed. We have put our money where our mouth is.
Join our community of Real estate Managers ...
to be clear...
You will get an 8 step process all laid out for you including ads that work. An extraordinary process to choose the right person. This selection process leads straight into our famous Quick Start online training system (Please note that the applicant pays for this and them doing so is a huge part of the selection process.) Now they have access to a mentor for 90 days and you get agents training before they start to get them up and running and more importantly earning faster. 

No sign up fee, for your first well selected new Sales person. (however long it takes to find them.)

  • Free Caliper to use to the value of $250+gst 
  •  Free Business Plans
  •  8 Step Process to Recruit the right way
All at no cost to you!
(Please note the Sales person pays for the Quick Start Online Sales Training Course) 

Over 4000 people have been through Quick Start Sales Training.
FAQ ...
What happens once I enrol?
You’ll be asked to supply the details of the person you would like to complete a Caliper Assessment as our special gift to you. You will also be asked to supply a Recruitment Administrator or you can name yourself. The process starts and you will be sent all the information you need to get started. Just follow the 8 step process as it is provided to you!

How do you make money from this?  
Sales people pay for their online training and like we said before this is a huge de selector. At the same time we are getting a community of Managers that will repeatedly use this system. Great for Managers great for us.

What is mentoring?    
If the Sales person chooses this option they are fully supported by a mentor for 90 days and the mentor will stay with them until they get their first listing.

How do I make sure I am selecting right?    
We supply you with tips and strategies on how to do that, which will blow you away. You can also talk to the mentor, or the Quick Start Recruitment team.

Is there any cost to me?  
We normally charge $1500+gst placement fee and that is waived.

How much do Sales people pay?  
1. Quick Start online, the subscription is $97+gst per month for 1 year or upfront cost of $930+gst

2. Quick Start + Mentoring online subscription $197+gst per month for 1 year or an upfront cost of $1950+gst

Should I pay for it?    
We think that this is a brilliant de selector for them to commit to. Our experience is if they can’t pay for their training, why are they coming into this industry. However some managers pay for it (especially if they are a good candidate) then take it out of the 5th Commission if they are still there in 6 months.

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